Weave your own Friendship Bracelet with friends. Workshops last one day.  Baskets are polyurethaned and ready for pick-up 2-3 days post-weave.


We special order any out-of-stock items. 3 weeks lead time requested, 5-10 weavers preferred.

The Friendship Bracelet Weaving Experience

SKU: BraceletParty
Color: Green
  • At ACK Basket Studio each basket is made by hand. Every basket is special in its own way, and comes with unique markings. Most of our baskets are one-of-a-kind, and although many can be replicated, no two are truly identical. It's the same with our classes - we tailor the experience to fit your needs.

  • Classes require a 50% non-non-refundable deposit to book. Schedule changes can be made at no cost. In the event you need to cancel we're happy to apply your deposit to merchandise, or to save it for another booking.