In the 1940s Jose Reyes transformed the Lightship Basket from a home furnishing item into a purse. He called them 'Friendship Bags' in honor of the lifelong friendships that are created on this island during lazy summer days. Women still love to exchange them as gifts and a remembrance of summers spent strolling through town, and lounging on beaches. This bag was created in remembrance of the master weaver, Jose Reyes, who revolutionized the basket tradition on Nantucket, and is still putting smiles on the faces of the women who carry his stunning bags.

The purse comes with a custom insert. It comes with the Hermes or Pucci scarf insert of your choice, or you can provide one from your own collection to increase the sentimental value of the bag, and a Fendi 'Strap You' inspired handle. The insert and strap are both removable so you can swap them in and out to match your outfit, the seasons, or your mood

The Couture Friendship Purse

SKU: Hermes Frienship